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Carina Rio

I'm Carina Rio, a holistic wellness guide and Mindfulness Coach.

I can help you amplify the truest version of yourself beyond the weight of trauma.

Start your journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and Freedom now.

This is your time to take a moment to explore. You will have the opportunity to connect with your mind, body and enhance your well-being through the meditation.

In these private sessions we will meet for 90 minutes and I will guide you through emotional freedom techniques to help you break free. You will learn how to be present in your life and create the life that you so desire as a more healed, less reactive and gentle soul. 

In our time we will uncover places of pain, trauma and implement inner healing methods to connect with your mind, body and spirit on a deep level. 

My holistic coaching approach will help you heal habits and years of self sabotage and trauma locked in your mind, body and soul.  Each client is cared for from a trauma responsive approach and your path is curated based on your needs and your dosha to help you create a healthy lifestyle and recovery plan. 

Every embodiment practice will help you lean in closer to your true self and give you what you need to continue to nourish yourself. Are you ready to change your life? 

Whole Life Coaching is a co-creative process that includes, though it isn’t limited to, thought partnership, goal success, overcoming blockers, developing self-awareness and confidence, as well as creating a habit of accountability. The coaching process is about getting clarity so you can get unstuck. Moving into unstuckness opens you up to move forward as you maximize your personal and professional potential.

I use a dynamic process, to ask questions that uncover each layer of your onion. Conversations are fluid, as I listen deeply and get curious about stories you share, the narrative you use to describe situations, and biases and/or beliefs that might be limiting you. My goal is to support you in bringing forward your strengths, to challenge narratives that serve to limit you, and help you develop confidence in yourself, your choices, and how you navigate the world. 

Are you ready to change your life? 

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